[Tools] – Daiso Template Ruler and Ruler with 5mm Square Grids

Hello, everyone! Today, I’d like to introduce two neat tools that you can grab from Daiso.

The problem with perfectionism (or even a hint of it) is you even want those tiny little check boxes in your journal to be perfect. Sure, you can freehand your boxes quite well on a dotted or squared paper but after a few rows, you’ll start to twitch at the bits and pieces of imperfection.

Although Daiso’s prices have increased twice in a span of a year (RM5.30 -> RM5.60 -> RM5.90), there are just things that you can’t get elsewhere. I recently picked up these two gems from Daiso for, of course, RM5.90 each. The Square Template Ruler and the Grid Ruler are perfect tools for my bujo experience.

The squared grids of the Grid Ruler is 5mm apart, making it perfect with my Leuchtturm1917 dotted notebook. It helps me create balanced, aptly positioned shapes. The Square Template Ruler, on the other hand, somewhat cures my annoyance with the boxes I used to draw. Look below! My check boxes are now perfectly square in shape <3

Apparently, the smallest square you can draw is 1mm² and the largest 36mm². The larger squares are particularly useful when drawing text fields and calendar. In the picture, I draw my calendar boxes using the square template. Each box is 35mm². I love the template!

Total damage to the wallet:

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